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Gas Pressure Regulation

We offer Idaho's largest selection of Maxitrol, Pietro Fiorentini & Sensus Gas Pressure Regulators.
To correctly size a gas regulator for maximum performance, We require the following information:
  • Gas Inlet Pressure (normally PSI)
  • Gas Outlet Pressure (normally inches of W.C. or PSI) 
  • Project Location, Elevation, & Specific Environmental Conditions (ie outside, inside, corrosive etc)
  • What Specific type('s) of Equipment (ie Boiler, Dryer, MUA/Rooftop, Oven, Process Type)
  • Number of pieces of Equipment
  • Total Load of ALL downstream Equipment in BTU's
  • Low Fire Load of ANY ONE downstream piece of Equipment in BTU's (Required Turndown)
  • Vented or Vent Limited 
  • Natural Gas, Propane Gas, Gas Blends, Raw or 'Sour' type Gas
Sensus Gas Regulators
Taking Energy Delivery to a New Level

Click Sensus Logo For the Most Current Specifications

496                           143                          243                                 243RPC                           121
496 Gas Regulator143-80 Gas Regulator243-80 Gas Regulator243-RPC Gas Regulator121 Gas Regulator
243-RPC Gas Regulator121 Gas Regulator121 Gas Regulator121 Gas Regulator
121RPC                                           122                                          441-57S                                         046

Click on any of the above regulators to download detailed specifications.
Sensus gas regulators are simply the best !

Sensus gas regulators (formally Equimeter) available in pipe sizes from 1/2" NPT to 6" Flanged.
Inlet gas pressures from .5 to 1000 PSI, Outlet gas pressures to 250 PSI.
Suitable for natural, manufactured, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases and LP gas-air mixtures.
                                     ! Click below to email a request !
Speciality Engineered regulators available upon request!  SAME DAY SERVICE  Give us a call (208) 375-4422

Pietro Fiorentini Governor Gas Regs
Maxitrol Gas Regulators
Click Images or tables below for details
Maxitrol Gas RegulatorsMaxitrol Gas Reg 2psiMaxitrol Gas Regulators
                                                                                   2psi website
Maxitrol Straight-Thru-Flow Design RV Main burner 1 psi max inlet gas pressure.
Maxitrol Balanced Valve Design R400 R500 R600 & Lock-up type 210D,E,G,J.
Maxitrol 325 Series regulators are for 2 psi and 5 psi piping systems.
Models available for appliance main burner or pilot applications and as line pressure regulators.

Suitable for natural, manufactured, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases and LP gas-air mixtures.
Model Rated Inlet Pressure Certified To
325-3L, 325-5AL, 325-7L 2psi ANSI 21.80
Line Regulator Standard
325-3L47, 325-3L48,
325-5AL-48, 325-5L600

(with over protection device attached)
5psi ANSI 21.80
Line Regulator Standard
Click on model number to download detailed specifications.